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Meet Mediocrity Meets YouTube… Visit our YouTube channel to find 4 minute videos that share relatable wellness insights, anecdotes and everyday challenges!
Inspiring guests… I have been truly inspired by guests who are willing to share their personal challenges, explorations and successes!!
Podcast Season 4 coming this summer… We are exploring guests for upcoming podcast season that is scheduled to start this summer.  Please send me any suggestions.


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25: Finding Your Direction

My Conversation with Connor MacPhail: My son Connor is a recent college graduate. Like most young adults who have...

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24: The winding road to finding success

My conversation with Yours Truly (ME!): Taking a closer look at the career path I’ve taken and the journey...

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23: Pausing to Progress

My conversation with Danielle North: It sounds so simple, but the execution is definitely not simple. Pausing. Pausing with...

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About Our Host - Mitch

Mitch Schuckman, Mediocre Mitch, is an ordinary person on his own lifelong wellness journey.  Mitch has tried and will try almost any wellness activity!  He’s a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer and a triathlete.  He does yoga, weight training and meditation.  He enjoys reading novels, solving Sudoku puzzles and playing Words with Friends.  He has lost weight, gained weight and lost weight!!  He’s an ordinary person with ordinary struggles – a relatable dilemma! 

Mitch is happily married to Magnificent Meredith, has four amazing sons and has 30+ years into a successful career in professional services,

Mitch created Meet Mediocrity to create a supportive community where we can all embrace who we are and where we are on our own wellness journeys, and draw on our collective challenges and encouragement to keep pushing ahead!!

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