Season One in the Rearview, Season Two in the Windshield

As we approach the Meet Mediocrity podcast episode 25 – the Season One Finale, I continue to be asked the question, “Why did I start Meet Mediocrity?”  It started with my own journey. I am admittedly a goal-oriented, A-type personality.  However, my ever higher, ever harder, ever longer, ever faster approach to wellness was not keeping me motivated and was not making me happier.

What I came to realize is that, at a minimum, I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I needed to keep moving and keep trying – even if my movement and my effort was not resulting in a steady string of personal records, longer races and new challenges. At least for me, I call this the one foot in front of the other, keep moving, keep trying mindset – Meeting Mediocrity.  By meeting mediocrity I am able to accept where I’m at, feel good about continuing my journey, and position myself for Beating Mediocrity when I’m ready for that. After speaking to many people about my mindset, I learned one important thing – I WAS NOT ALONE!

So, yes, creating Meet Mediocrity for me was, in part, a way to create a community of like minded people to encourage each other to keep trying.  I also had other selfish motivations… I really enjoy creating content.  Identifying people I want to have conversations with, facilitating those conversations, creating a podcast story, editing the recordings, publicizing the speakers – it’s all so much fun for me.  Engaging on social media, writing blog posts, producing videos are also fun for me.  The creative outlet has been incredibly rewarding – and therapeutic too!

Yes, Season One of Meet Mediocrity has been a rousing success.  I’m proud of all the listens, likes and followers.  I’m proud of my “merch” – the Meet Mediocrity stickers and t-shirts.  I’m proud of the skills I’ve learned – recording, editing, video production, website development and management, social media marketing, interviewing and storytelling. Most of all, I’m proud of being brave enough to recognize how much I wanted to do this and actually doing it!

Looking ahead to Season Two… there is a lot to look forward to. I have a list of almost 40 potential podcast guests – so the pipeline of exciting conversations is full! I’m in the middle of detailed conversations with one of our most popular guests from Season One to create a three-episode special mini-series.  I have plans to expand our YouTube channel.  And, I have plans for more merch and more give-aways.

So, THANK YOU for supporting Meet Mediocrity.  THANK YOU for the advice, insights and enthusiasm.  THANK YOU for allowing me to pursue my passion.  And, THANK YOU for helping me accept Meeting Mediocrity so I can begin Beating Mediocrity.