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How did we come up with the name “Meet Mediocrity”?

Health and wellness is a life-long journey.  And, along that journey, we invariably have mediocre moments – periods of time when our performance in wellness activities is merely mediocre. Sometimes it’s because we are new to the activity, sometimes it’s because we are not having our best days, and sometimes it’s just because we have chosen an activity that we are simply mediocre at.  Either way, it’s all ok! The key to health and wellness is to MEET MEDIOCRITY… recognize mediocrity as an inevitable moment in time, use it as a springboard for better performance and continue putting one foot in front of the other!

The Meet Mediocrity podcast features fantastic conversations with a variety of guests covering a wide variety of wellness topics… as well as periodic “musings” by our host Mediocre Mitch!

The Meet Mediocrity tagline is “Ordinary People Helping Ordinary People Be Their Extraordinary Selves”.  Welcome to our community!

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