10: The healing qualities of sounds

My conversation with Danielle North: I am incredibly excited to welcome back Danielle for a second visit to the podcast. Danielle reached out to me a few weeks ago to share some exciting news with me. She had been studying sound healing and was now certified to be a sound healer. Honestly, I had not heard of sound healing. I was certainly aware that certain sounds and music could have therapeutic qualities, but I had no direct experience with sound healing.

In this episode, Danielle and I start by reviewing the company she founded, PAUSE. We talk about how PAUSE and the Pause Method can help people recover from and avoid burnout. Given the stressors in today’s society. PAUSE is incredibly timely. After sharing her personal burnout story and reviewing how she created PAUSE, Danielle shares her further exploration from PAUSE into sound healing. I must admit that I was skeptical that sounds and musical vibrations could provide physical healing. Danielle shared her story and her journey into sound healing and described the impact it has had on her. To take matters further, after we recorded our podcast, Danielle conducted a sound healing session on me. In my intro and wrap-up to this podcast, I describe my personal experience with sound healing – and, teaser alert, it was really great.

Find out more about Danielle, her books, her retreats and her coaching on her website – https://www.pauseglobal.com/