11: A legacy of addiction recovery

My conversation with Liz Chelak: Liz is 30 years young, yet she has lived a very full life. She is a recovering addict, she is an entrepreneur, she has tragically lost loved ones, she has founded a nonprofit organization and she provides amazing support and help to people in need.

Liz’s fiance was Sam Risso. Sam was an amazing person who helped addicts and people suffering from mental illness. When Sam suddenly and tragically passed away, Liz started the Sam Risso Foundation to carry on his legacy. The Sam Risso Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, guidance, and support to those dealing with substance use, mental illness and homelessness.

They are focused on providing resources for detox, treatment, halfway housing, and therapy. They provide peer support and guidance to those in the beginning stages of their recovery journey.

Liz is a truly special person. Listen to this story of her journey.

Find Liz on Instagram [email protected]

Find the Sam Risso Foundation on Instagram [email protected]

Find our more about the foundation on their website – https://samrissofoundation.org/