13: How can we solve our sleep?

My conversation with Dr. Whitney Roban: Dr. Roban is a Family, Educational and Corporate Sleep Specialist. She is also the founder of Solve Our Sleep. Whitney’s mission is to provide the education and support families, students, teachers and employeesto both survive and to thrive with better sleeping.

Whitney is a published author, she has a private sleep practice, she provides educational sleep consultingand corporatesleep programs. Her approach isn’t magic and is not about taking medications. It provides fun, useful and practical skills for helping her followers become better sleepers. And, as she says, “even a good sleeper can become a great sleeper!”

Not only do we discuss Whitney’s personaljourney into sleep consulting, but she provides some very useful tips we can put into practice immediately!

Find out more about Dr. Whitney Roban at www.solveoursleep.comand follow her on [email protected]