14: Living the dream, I mean REALLY living the dream

My conversation with Anderson Bluu: Anderson Bluu is an up and coming artist and sneaker designer, and his story of perseverance is truly inspiring.

Anderson had his share of mediocre moments – he struggled as a student, he had entrepreneurial ventures that did not work out as planned, he had a serious knee injury that seriously set him back and he lost his father at an already challenging time in his life. But Anderson Bluu never gave up on himself.

He took over his father’s business out of respect to his father and his father’s employees. At the same time, he continued to pursue his dream of making a living doing what he loved – being an artist.

NOW, Anderson is a well known artist and sneaker designer – creating sold out sneaker designs on ASICS and Converse shoes for Foot Locker. His art can be found on his website – www.bluudreams.com and you can find him on Instagram at @anderson_bluu.