14: Mala beads, breath and meditation

My conversationwith Ashley Wray: Ashley is the founder of Mala Collective, a company that supports meditation practices with classes, training and products all designed specifically for meditation. Ashley founded Mala Collective over a decade ago when, on a trip to Bali, fell in love with Mala beads, which help count breaths and keep one’s focus during meditation.

Now, Mala Collective creates and sells meditation beads, necklaces, cushions and more – all designed to enhance meditation practices. Her products are deeply rooted in Buddhist and Hindu traditions and are made using all natural materials.

Ashley’s own meditation journey and how she shares it with her customers is both impressive and inspiring.

Learn more about Ashley Wray and Mala Collective at her website –https://www.malacollective.com/

And, on Instagram [email protected]