14: We don’t HAVE TO, we GET TO!!

My conversation with Jennifer DiStefano, Kris Amplo and Bryan Kuhl: A four person conversation on the Meet Mediocrity Podcast! And, an incredibly special and powerful conversation at that. Jen DiStefano is the widow of Matthew (Dezi) DiStefano – an incredibly strong, inspirational, special man who lost his battle to cancer in January 2020. Kris and Bryan are long time friends of Matthew and now they help lead the DezyStrong Foundation, an organization founded by Matthew while he was battling cancer.

Today, the DezyStrong Foundation helps cancer patients and their families with financial support to help take a little pressure off of a high pressure situation.

Matthew was an accomplished athlete, a high school teacher and perhaps one of the most successful varsity volleyball coaches in Long Island history. In his athletic endeavors, Matthew became an inspiration and a role model to so many young women and men he came in contact with. After his cancer diagnosis Matthew’s energy and contagious enthusiasm grew, where most other people’s would wane. Matthew’s motto “I GET TO” resonates with anyone! Whether it’s going to work, going to the gym, getting out of bed in the morning, eating healthy… anything at all – you don’t HAVE TO, you GET TO.

Every day we walk the planet Earth should be viewed as a great day. That’s what DeziStrong is all about, and that’s what Meet Mediocrity is all about too!

Check out the DeziStrong Foundation (and buy yourself and your friends some DeziStrong apparel) at – https://www.dezystrong.org/

Follow the DeziStrong Foundation on Instagram at – @DeziStrongFoundation