15: Sometimes you just need to start and you just need to finish

My conversation with Paul Dauber: Paul Dauber is a work colleague, a mentor, a teammate and a good friend.  He’s a very accomplished endurance athlete – having finished dozens of half marathons, marathons and triathlons of various distances.  Because of Paul’s enormous resume of races and because of his background in marketing in sales, he has a bunch of great stories… and he’s a great storyteller!

This conversation uses endurance races as the backdrop to some very good life-lessons any of us can apply to setting and achieving our goals.  And, perhaps the most important lesson is the lesson of being true to yourself.  

As you’ll hear, sometimes setting a goal, starting your activity and moving towards your goal – even if not explicitly meeting your goal – should be considered a HUGE SUCCESS.  In many ways, this is what we mean when we use the phase “meeting mediocrity”.  It’s not about striving for mediocrity. It’s about accepting that mediocrity is sometimes part of the process on the path towards something even greater!