15: Streaking with a Goal in MInd

My conversation with Rob Dill: Rob is a regular, unassuming guy. He is a long-time biology teacher at a community college in New Jersey and he was introduced to me for the podcast by a mutual friend. When I was first introduced to Rob, I was told that he has done triathlons and he would be a good podcast guest. Rob has accomplished so much more than that – and he’s incredibly humble about it.

Rob has done more than 10 ironman triathlons, over 30 marathons, ultra races on trails… and he has done the New York City Marathon 23 straight years! The New York City Road Runners Club, the organization that runs the New York City Marathon honors runners who have run the race in 15 or more straight years – calling that group “streakers”. That makes Rob a “streaker” – and, that DOES NOT mean he runs the race with no clothes on!

The best thing about Rob is that he is incredibly humble and he tells great stories about the races he has participated in. He also provides some incredibly sensible and relatable advice for beginners – how to get started, how to build up endurance and strength, and how to do it without injuring yourself.