16: Fitness as a healing community

My conversation with Lili Kazemi: Lili is a highly educated, highly accomplished busy executive. She also has had her share of personal hardships, including being in an abusive relationship. It was fitness, going to the gym, and participating in group exercise classes that helped Lili get through and get past that relationship and onto a better path for her life.

Through fitness, Lili found a healing community and that community ultimately motivated her to launch her passion project. Her blog and her fitness tips and tricks can be found on DAO Fit Life (https://daofitlife.com/). DAO being the Chinese word for “path” and also being Lili’s acronym for Decide-Act-Outlook. Lili’s blog posts and her upcoming book appeal to everyone, but especially to busy executives who want to be fit, but need a simple plan to accomplish that.

Lili has a knack for helping people make fitness fit into their lives. Again, check out Lili on her website – https://daofitlife.com/