16: From thoughts, to pages, to published

My conversation with Matt Puzycki: Matt loves writing and has always loved writing. He has been writing stories and screenplays since he was in high school. But, like many of us, Matt has had his doubts about his ability to write a book that he could make public and publish.

After years of getting rave reviews from friends and family, Matt finally put himself out there and published his first book, “Forming the Javelin” just a few months ago. Now Matt is already writing another book for publishing.

For so many of us, we wish our passion was our career, but we have fears. Fears of failure, fears of rejection, fears of risk taking. Matt is bravely pursuing his passion. Yes, today Matt has a separate “day job” that pays the bills, but with perseverance and dedication, Matt has a great chance of turning his passion into his “day job” in the not too distant future.

Check out Matt’s book, “Forming the Javelin”, on Amazon: