16: Refreshing ourselves while Planet Earth refreshes herself

My conversation with Tildet Varon: Some of us are looking at this unique moment in our lives, living through the great pandemic of 2020, as an opportunity to reinvent, restore, refresh, restart ourselves.  It’s like having New Years resolutions with extra time to really get those resolutions off on the right track.  Here’s the challenge – finding the right resolutions.  Finding resolutions that connect with our inner beings, our inner values, our souls.  Finding THOSE resolutions is a challenge – but when you find those resolutions and the true “WHY” behind those resolutions, you are well on your way towards achieving meaningful, positive changes.

In this episode, Tildet Varon, an Inner Mastery Specialist, shares her insights as to what we can all do, especially during these unique times, to find our true “WHY”.  Tildet is incredibly caring, insightful, patient and positive.  Her company is called “Growing with Truth” and the name speaks for itself.  As we understand what truly drives us, we can truly grown.