17: From bread to beer

My conversation with Rob Wilson: Food waste is a huge global challenge. Did you know that the most wasted food on the planet is bread? Rob Wilson, the “Chief Toaster” and CEO of Toast Ale sought to tackle this challenge by founding Toast Ale – a UK-based craft brewery that brews beer from leftover bread that would otherwise go to waste.

Since itsinception in2016, Toast Ale has saved millions of pounds of bread from being wasted by brewing it into delicious beer and ale. In fact, Rob even open sources his beer recipes – encouraging others to brew their own beer and to share their innovative recipes. The goal is to put himself out of business by solving the world’s bread waste crisis.

Although I’m not sure that will ever happen, it’s a lofty aspiration and Rob Wilson is a highly aspirational (and inspirational) person.

Learn more about Rob and Toast Ale on their website https://www.toastale.com/ and their Instagram [email protected]