17: Inspired by “JOY”

My conversation with Joy Cook: Joy is the founder of Inspiring Joy Inc where she is a life strategist and success coach. “Joy”, in this case, has a double meaning – Joy Cook’s first name and “Journey of You”. The amazing thing about Joy is that her first and most influential coachee was… HERSELF!

Joy’s journey and her success is a product of a lifetime of experiences, learning and growth. Joy was a young mother and a single mother, but she never stopped hustling. She is an accountant, and still does some work as an accountant. However, through Joy’s own journey, she never stopped observing, exploring, learning and cultivating her passion for coaching.

The wonderful thing about Joy’s story is that she is now at the inflection point that many entrepreneurs find themselves. She is a certified and accomplished life strategist and success coach today, but has not yet left the “golden handcuffs” of her accounting job to become a full-time coach. This is a relatable dilemma for many people pursuing their passion.

Given Joy’s track record – we can all expect that “leap to full-time coaching to happen very soon and for Joy to be very successful!

Please check out Joy at:

Her website: https://www.inspiringjoyinc.com/home

Her Instagram: @inspiringjoyinc

Her Facebook: @inspiringjoyinc