18: Be at one with nature, wherever you may be

My conversation with Bianca Velez: Bianca is a pilates instructor who is spiritual and is truly at one with nature. She not only teaches pilates, but she hosts nature retreats in Western New York where guests practice pilates, yoga, meditation, hiking and holistic fulfillment.  She studied classic pilates as originated by Mr. Joseph Pilates. She is also an avid outdoorsperson who does hiking, fishing, skiing and foraging for local herbs and medicinal plants.

Bianca has given pilates instruction to both me and my wife, Magnificent Meredith. What I have always enjoyed most about Bianca is just speaking with her about overall wellness.  I find Bianca to be fascinating in how she ties pilates, meditation and outdoor living into a recipe for holistic wellness.

Learn more about Bianca on this podcast and on her website – FindTheMidline.com