18: Losing Weight Won’t Buy Happiness

My conversation with Savannah Dupin: Imagine wanting and needing to lose a lot of weight. Imagine starting an incredibly strict diet and fitness regime and sticking to it almost perfectly. Imagine losing 100 pounds and reaching your ideal goal weight. And, then imagine still being unhappy. That was Savannah Dupin. On one hand, this is an incredibly sad and frustrating story. For Savannah Dupin, it was an awakening.

Today Savannah is now a holistic health practitioner, founding her company Healing Health Solutions. Savannah was able to combine her weight loss experience and her education in sociology (focusing on women studies) to create an approach that focused on weight loss, health and wellness in a balanced way. Savannah’s client’s focus on their diet and fitness, but also on their self esteem and positive body image.

Savannah has found her niche and she is making an incredible impact on the women she coaches.

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