18: Making birth better

My conversation with Nikki Wilson: Pregnancy, birthing, a newborn baby! These are “supposed” to be some of the most exciting and wonderful times in parents’ lives. Sadly, that is often not the case. And, even more sadly, it is often taboo for parents to express the trauma they experience associated with these times and to receive much needed support.

Nikki Wilson is the CEO of Make Birth Better is a UK-based not for profit organization. Make Birth Better is a collective of experts who bring together lived experience and extensive professional knowledge of birth trauma to support parents, health care professionals and newborns – making their birth experiences better and to support traumatic experiences as they invariably arise.

Nikki is kind enough to both share her personal story with us and to describe the services Make Birth Better provide.

Learn more at the website – www.makebirthbetter.org

and on Instagram – @birthbetter