19: A diva and an entrepreneur

My conversation with Kim Fisher: Anyone who is a self-proclaimed trainer, joy analyst, longevity mentor and positivity angel must be a very special person. THAT, is Kim Fisher. Kim is an accomplished personal trainer and health advocate – having spent almost 40 years in the industry. Kim’s story isn’t only one about fitness and training, it’s about Kim’s personal evolution and transformation.

Today, Kim is the “Diva Over Fifty”. Kim coaches women one-on-one and in small groups to be their very best selves. Her program is highlighted by groups of women over the age of 50 that Kim calls her Ageless Tribe. These groups work with Kim and with each other to make small steps to improve their lives in the areas of diet, fitness, spirituality and social wellbeing. They have individual calls with Kim, group calls with each other and they all have access to Kim’s DivaOverFifty smartphone fitness app.

Kim’s program and success is impressive, but her personal and business pivot from a fitness trainer to a group wellness coordinator with a very impressive social media following is even more impressive. Just like Kim professes to her “tribe” about thriving in their 50s and beyond, Kim’s career is also thriving, more than ever, in her 50s. It’s NEVER TOO LATE!!

Check out Kim:

Her website: https://divaoverfifty.com/

On Instagram: @divaoverfifty

On Facebook: @divaoverfifty