19: An Everyday Athlete… With a Brand!

My conversation with Hilary Topper: Hilary Topper is the owner and CEO of HJMT Public Relations, an award winning PR and social media marketing firm.  She is an adjunct professor of media studies and public relations at Hofstra University.  She is an author.  Her newest book, “Branding in a Digital World: How to Take an Integrated Marketing Approach to Building a Business”, is available on Amazon and wherever you buy or download your favorite books.

Hilary is also a triathlete. Hilary has a blog called “A Triathlete’s Diary” and she sponsors her own triathlon team called WeR Triathletes – she’s even a certified triathlon coach!!

She’s a podcaster, hosting “Hilary Topper On Air”. She has a lifestyle blog entitled “New York Lifestyle Blog”.   

I can go on and on, but here’s the bottom line – Hilary is awesome.  She is approaching the trying times in which we live in a manner I relate to.  She is high energy, she’s positive, she’s continuously looking to improve herself and she is eagerly helping others improve themselves as well!!