19: Healing the anxious mind

My conversation with Carly Johnston: One day, Carly found herself having a panic attack. Not just your ordinary moment of stress. A serious, long lasting panic attack!! Being a problem solver and a take charge person, Carly sought to understand what was happening to herself. She read, she studied, she spoke to people and she healed.

Soon after, Carly started an Instagram page (@healingtheanxiousmind) designed to help others. She gained many followers, heard many stories and helped many people. Then, Carly started medical school in Canada where she is currently starting her 3rd year and preparing to become an OB/GYN – with a focus on perinatal mental health.

Now, Carly has her own website – https://www.healingtheanxiousmind.com/ – designed to share resources, blog posts and so much more! Check out the website and listen for a great conversation!