19: Insights from the leader of all “Triathlon Trainiacs” – Triathlon Taren!

My conversation with Taren Gesell (aka – Triathlon Taren): For me, when I ventured into triathlons, Triathlon Taren quickly became my “go-to” information source. His YouTube videos, his Triathlon Taren podcast and his social media posts (@TriathlonTaren) reflected a down to earth, practical and informative approach to triathlons for amateurs.

This podcast conversation is not a “how to do a triathlon” conversation. Rather, Taren and I discuss real life challenges relating to starting and maintaining fitness; the pros and cons of setting and striving for specific goals; the mindset for starting and growing an internet-based business; and some tips for making wellness a lifetime event.

You can find so much more about Triathlon Taren by just typing his name on Google or YouTube or Facebook or Instagram… or check out Triathlon Taren here:

YouTube Channel – Triathlon Taren YouTube Channel

Triathlon Taren Website – Triathlon Taren – Get To Your Start Line Confident

Triathlon Taren Triathlon Training Plan Platform – Team Trainiac : Triathlon Training Plan Platform