20: Mediocrity is NOT the enemy of greatness

My conversation with ME, Mediocre Mitch: I was prompted to do a solo podcast after receiving a text message with a meme from a friend of mine that said “Mediocrity is the Enemy of Greatness”. Of course, I completely disagree with this.

On this episode I tell you a story about Janet. Janet is truly a mediocre runner – based on her running time, and as compared to her expectations for herself, she is definitely mediocre. Janet’s story proves, in my opinion, that mediocrity does not need to be a bad thing.

I also explore how greatness can be the enemy of wellness. How greatness can stand in the way of finding happiness and joyfulness in our lives.

It’s ok to be mediocre at something, it’s just not ok to allow mediocrity to cause you to give up on yourself.