21: When Losing Is Not An Option

My Conversation with Dr. Dan Schaefer: Dr. Dan Schaefer is a business strategies and strategic consultant who helps his clients achieve their very best results – whether it is selling work, leading businesses, winning games or achieving personal records.  I always chuckle when Dr. Dan says that he sells mistakes.  What he means is that he helps his clients identify their likely mistakes before they make them and then he helps them avoid those mistakes.  He does that through a systematic approach.  Dr. Dan’s strategies include planning backward, positive visualizations and self-hypnosis.  His clients include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, amateur athletes and professional athletes.

The thing I love about Dan?  He is incredibly accessible.  He specifically encourages anyone interested in working with him to visit his website – DanSchaeferPhD.com or call or text him directly on 1-(917)880-6758.  

If you want to learn more about Dan’s strategies and approaches to creating successful outcomes, check out his book “CLICK! The Competitive Edge for Business, Sports and Entertainment”.