22: A Mental Health Change… For the Better

My conversation with Alastair Deards… Alastair was a hard working accountant in Kent, a county in southeastern England. Like many of us, Alastair had a life changing moment that drove him to look beyond his chosen career to find a deeper purpose and meaning in his life.

For Alastair, this happened when a family member of his was suffering from mental illness and attempted suicide. Thankfully, Alastair’s family member is receiving the love, care and support they need and Alastair has found a meaningful passion – forming the organization Mental Health Change (www.mentalhealthchange.com).

Mental Health Change is driving to set up a helpline with a memorable three-digit emergency number that provides early intervention support to those suffering from mental illness and their loved ones. This is not meant to be a suicide prevention crisis service. This is meant to be an early intervention service providing a helpline, identifying resources and arranging for quick introductions to qualified therapists.

Alastair also talks about how finding this incredibly meaningful project has impacted his life, raised his motivation and enhanced his personal overall wellness.

Find out more about Alastair on his LinkedIn profile and on his website – www.mentalhealthchange.com