22: Your PERFECT wellness plan? It’s genetic…

My conversation with Selena Velez-Iaquinta: There are countless diet plans, fitness plans, wellness approaches out there. What’s the best plan for you? According to Selena, it starts with a close look at your DNA.

Selena Velez-Iaquinta is a certified genetics-based program designer. The process she follows starts with a cheek swab and laboratory testing. Not to find your long lost relatives, but to determine how you and your genetic make-up best interact with nutrition, fitness, cardio-vascular training and so much more. Everyone’s DNA is unique to them. Everyone is different. Based on your genetic lab results, Selena creates a plan that is customized for you – and more importantly, she coaches and teaches you along the way to make your customized plan part of your life – forever.

And, Selena’s challenge to us… try her plan out for 2 weeks. You will feel such a difference in yourself, your cognition, your energy, your sleep patterns and your overall wellness that you will never want to stop.

Selena can be contacted at:

  • Her website: selenaveleziaquinta.issacertifiedtrainer.com
  • Her Instagram page: @functional_fitness_by_selena