23: Living the dream of world traveling

My conversation with Matt Simpson: Matt and his wife Jess went on a big adventure. It was their first significant vacation abroad. They visited Thailand. What happened there can only be described as a life changing adventure. And, that adventure triggered a strong desire for more travel. In fact, Matt and Jess wanted all travel, all the time.

So, they made a plan… and the plan was a decade in the making. But Matt and Jess achieved their goal and they are traveling the world – living their dream. They have great stories and there are great life lessons to be learned about living the life you want to live.

Matt and Jess appeared recently on the very popular HGTV series House Hunters International. You can learn more about Matt and Jess and their adventures on Jess’s website – www.lighttraveling.org

You can also follow Matt’s cycling exploits on his website – www.cycletrentino.com

You can also catch their House Hunters International episode on reruns. It is not yet on the HGTV website, but it is Season 155, Episode 1 of that TV series!