23: Pausing to Progress

My conversation with Danielle North: It sounds so simple, but the execution is definitely not simple. Pausing. Pausing with a purpose to reduce stress, assess your situation and act with purpose. Danielle North is the founder of PAUSE, a methodology she created to help people be their best selves. Danielle describes PAUSE in five steps. The steps are easy to understand, they seem elementary, but there is substance and science behind the process.

Danielle describes her personal journey leading to pause including undiagnosed mental illness and the lack of a proper support network. Danielle’s personal journey led her to the right tools and team to help her grow and thrive. From that perspective, Danielle created PAUSE. She is an author, a retreat organizer and a one-on-one coach. Find out all about Danielle, her books, her programs and her approach on www.pauseglobal.com