23: Simplifying your life with a professional

My Conversation with Zoe Rastegar: Many people who help people downsize, organize and relocate approach their businesses as transactional.

“How can I help you get rid of stuff efficiently?”

“How can I help you sell and make a little money from things you no longer need?”

“How can I help you get your closets and desks cleared of unnecessary things?”

All of this is important, but what makes Zoe’s approach special is that she adds an intense human-touch to these activities.  The effort she makes to really understand her clients as people, to understand their long term goals and their personal objectives is critical – because Zoe aligns the relocation and downsizing support she provides to her clients with their overall health and wellness.

And, it’s not just about downsizing senior citizens from their family homes to assisted living facilities. More and more people – millennials, empty nesters and people reconsidering their lives during COVID-19 – are looking to DO MORE AND ACCUMULATE LESS.  Zoe’s business, Life Simplified Pro (LifeSimplifiedPro.com) can help us get there!