24: Start 2021 by earning a PhD in…. YOU

My conversation with Constance Korol: Constance has had a major impact on my life. She introduced me to triathlon, she coached me for two years as I went from my first “sprint-length” triathlon to my first “half Ironman” triathlon. She introduced me to Bikram hot yoga, She introduced me to Reiki. The truth is, Constance opened up my way of thinking – really allowing me to embrace a more holistic view of myself and of life.

Constance has been on quite a life journey herself. In our conversation she describes childhood experiences that helped shape her life. She tell us about how she became a two time Ironman triathlete – that’s 140.6 miles IN ONE DAY! She shares her evolution from runner, to triathlete, to Ironman, to yoga instructor and to becoming a Reiki master… and so much more! It is Constance’s holistic approach to life that makes her and her company, Meta 180, well suited to provide insights as to how we can learn from the challenges of 2020 and open ourselves up for the opportunities that 2021 can bring.

As Constance says, “Start 2021 by earning a PhD in YOU”

Constance can be found at:

Her website: www.meta180.com

Her Instagram: @metaoneeighty

Her Facebook: @meta180