24: The winding road to finding success

My conversation with Yours Truly (ME!): Taking a closer look at the career path I’ve taken and the journey that I’ve been on provided me, and will hopefully provide you, some inspiration. Not because it’s overly dramatic, but because it amplifies some messages all of us have heard at one time or another about successful careers.

“Find a job you love!” … “Never give up on yourself!” … “Failure plus perseverance can lead to success!” … “Dream it and you can become it!” … I’m sure you know many other famous career related quotes.

My career has had more than its fair share of twists, turns, failures, restarts, and yes … successes! I hope that sharing my story will give others a little bit of encouragement to enjoy the journey, to not allow failure to discourage perserservance, to find a job they love, and to have fun along the way!

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