25: Recognize and pursuing your passion to fuel your life

My conversation with Barbara Schuckman (MY MOTHER!): This episode marks the season finale of the Meet Mediocrity podcast, season 2. It also marks the 50th episode in total. Such a special milestone episode warrants a very special guest – my mother, Barbara Schuckman.

Mom’s story is really inspirational. To me, her son, she inspires me in many ways. However, the story we chose to focus on is Mom’s lifelong love of art. Mom was an artist before she even knew it. As a little girl her teachers, friends and parents were all amazed a her artistic abilities. However, Mom grew up at a time when is was incredibly rare for a young woman to be encouraged to pursue her passion and become an artist. Fortunately, as my mother dealt with the distractions that life threw at her (including having me!), she never lost sight of her love for art and she included artistic activities in many aspects of her life.

Then, 43 years ago, she started her business, Miniatures By Barb. This business, which continues to thrive, features miniatures for collectible dollhouses. Every single piece is designed, created and made by my mother! And, since dollhouse collecting and decorating is a perfect “stay-at-home” activity, it is undergoing an amazing renaissance during COVID.

To learn more about Barbara Schuckman and Miniatures by Barb, visit her website – https://miniatures-by-barb.com/shop/