25: Season One Finale: Let’s hear it for the boys

My conversation with my four sons: I dreamed about creating a health and wellness podcast and community for quite some time.  And, yes, I wanted to do it for selfish reasons – Selfish reason #1, Wellness Motivation. My plan was and continues to be to cultivate a community of people focusing on our health and wellness – sharing ideas, sharing insights and sharing motivation. Of course for my audience, but selfishly, for me too!  Selfish reason #2, Creative Energy.  I love creating content.  Identifying people I want to have conversations with, facilitating those conversations, creating a podcast story, editing the recordings, publicizing the speakers – it’s all so much fun for me.  Engaging on social media, writing blog posts, producing videos are also fun for me.  The creative outlet has been incredibly rewarding – and therapeutic too!

To pull this off I needed support, and that support has come from my family.  My wife, Magnificent Meredith is a little “microphone shy”, but she has been an amazing advisor and sounding board for me.  Another key source of support for me has been my children – Max, Jake, Aaron and Connor.  They are all in their 20s and they all understand the social media marketing world much better than I do.  So, whether it’s been advice on how to choose effective hashtags, to attracting followers, to suggesting guests, to designing my logo, to participating in my wacky Meet Mediocrity events, to creating my theme music – my boys have been incredibly supportive.  So today, on our Season One Finale of the Meet Mediocrity podcast, I’ve invited my sons to join me and share a little bit about what’s up with them, their lives and their personal health, wellness and betterment journeys.