6: Career Learnings: Things I wish I knew about business writing

After Season 3, I did a lot of reflection and took in a lot of feedback about how to approach Season 4 of the Meet Mediocrity podcast. The result is a ‘mini-season’ entitled “Career Learnings”. I expect this season to be 8-10 episodes in length.

In Episode 6 of Season 4 I share my thoughts about business writing. Admittedly, I am a rare combination of a college English major and a business person. That makes me incredibly focused on making my business writing clear and articulate – and I’m quite picky about those who are less clear. I’m even more of a stickler for people who use poor grammar or punctuation! In this episode I explore tips and tricks for writing effective emails, memos and presentation materials. I also share some tips and tricks left for us by Steve Jobs… that I still use today.

My personal disclaimer: Stories and views are my own; and names and facts are altered to protect confidentiality.