7: Career Learnings: Negotiating Outcomes and Resolving Disputes

After Season 3, I did a lot of reflection and took in a lot of feedback about how to approach Season 4 of the Meet Mediocrity podcast. The result is a ‘mini-season’ entitled “Career Learnings”. I expect this season to be 8-10 episodes in length.

In Episode 7 of Season 4 I explore business negotiations and dispute resolutions. To me, there are a few very simple, yet incredibly important things to remember when faced with a negotiation or dispute. First, both sides have different points of view on what the outcome should be. Second, understand what the other side wants as deeply as possible allows you to understand what the acceptable range of outcomes could be for the other party. Third, understand what you want the outcome to be so you can understand whether there is overlap between what you want and what they want. Finally, have a discussion and do what YOU want to do. You might be disappointed that there wasn’t enough common ground to reach an agreement with the other party. You might reach an agreement that isn’t EXACTLY what you want. But, ultimately, you control the situation when you understand their side, understand your side and take action that works for you. Sounds so simple, but it’s not. Emotions and lack of empathy for the other party often get in the way.

My personal disclaimer: Stories and views are my own; and names and facts are altered to protect confidentiality.