8: Career Learnings: Networking and Carrying on Conversations

After Season 3, I did a lot of reflection and took in a lot of feedback about how to approach Season 4 of the Meet Mediocrity podcast. The result is a ‘mini-season’ entitled “Career Learnings”. I expect this season to be 8-10 episodes in length.

In Episode 8 of Season 4 I explore the art of carrying on conversations and networking in the business world. Personally, I am perceived and am actually a social person who interacts very well with others. But even for me, I often dread business functions, conferences, meetings, lunches and dinners where I know I will need to be “switched on” with those I’m interacting with. In this episode I explore a few tricks and tips that have helped make those networking situations more manageable, productive and even FUN!

My personal disclaimer: Stories and views are my own; and names and facts are altered to protect confidentiality.