9: Career Learnings: Motivating and Up-Skilling your Team

After Season 3, I did a lot of reflection and took in a lot of feedback about how to approach Season 4 of the Meet Mediocrity podcast. The result is a ‘mini-season’ entitled “Career Learnings”. I expect this season to be 8-10 episodes in length.

In Episode 9 of Season 4 I explore team building – how to motivate your team and build their skills. Every good career is built on the backs of great team members. We simple cannot do it all ourselves. That has been incredibly true in my career. Yes, having mentors and coaches is important, but having teammates to help you carry the load is perhaps even more important! That’s why, at a very early stage in our careers, it makes good sense to nurture your teammates. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, capitalize on their strengths and help fortify their weaknesses. In this episode we explore some very simple tips for creating great teammates and great teams at work.

My personal disclaimer: Stories and views are my own; and names and facts are altered to protect confidentiality.